The story I ended up writing was more of a dialogue of realization; I did share with the group that the story and realization just sort of popped up without me even expecting or seeking it, because I entered the training wanting to learn more about my team. Instead I learned a lot about myself and my triggers and drivers. Very insightful and rewarding experience!

-Kristen Gonzales, Quaver Music team retreat


The “Bloom Wellness Weekend” left me feeling nourished, inspired, flowy, hopeful and connected. The immersive nature of historic Rugby was a delight, and the exquisite attention to detail and loving intention infused into every aspect of the experience, helped make it truly special and supportive. From the beautiful food, to the quiet afternoons walking trails, blossoming conversations, creative flow and movement, to new ideas, inspiration, artistic fun, connecting to nature, shared stories and readings, resting, and breathing…it was rich with layers of awareness, allowing, and abundance. I enjoyed the stay at the Newbury House, and couldn’t have asked for more from Kara and Mark as hosts. Looking forward to returning for another weekend sometime!

-Angelika Shelley


In the last 10 years, Kara has helped me grow immensely in my professional career and personal life. Her coaching techniques have helped me to observe and reflect on my own decisions and take action towards growth. I count it as a blessing to call Kara a mentor and a friend!

-Amie Bissinger, Master Stylist at Tangerine Salon and Spa

As a small business owner, I realize the importance of aligning myself with forward-thinkers and creative problem-solvers. Kara Kemp is one of those people for me. Her ability to gently coax me into weeding through my thoughts and emotions in order to pull out real, tangible action is powerful and inspires me toward real change that benefits me both on a business and personal level. I am always anxiously awaiting the next opportunity to attend one of her workshops!

-Hope Wright, Owner & Health Coach

Kara was so instinctive and unapologetic about challenging me when I needed to be challenged, but protected my confidence when I needed safety. She guided and encouraged me with an enthusiasm that was contagious. Kara is an incredible talent matched only by her beautiful spirit.

-Ronnie Martin, Vice-President, Pinnacle Financial Bank

Wellness Weekend was such a refreshing and relaxing experience for me. It provided the most lovely combination of thoughtful activities, inspired meals, and generous free time. I made new friends, tried new things, and enjoyed myself in the peaceful setting of the historic village of Rugby. I ended the weekend feeling rested in my body and nourished in my soul.

-Jennifer Jones, Aligned Insights Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Your enthusiasm was contagious and I was excited to learn more about my colleagues and myself. I feel like this program you’ve developed is very well rounded and full useful knowledge that I think anyone who has a leadership role should experience.

-Naela Naasan