Personal Development

Dig deeper into who you are and what makes you thrive, then bloom into the best version of that with one-on-one personalized coaching. You’ll set goals, visualize what you want to change or achieve, and we’ll get there together. Self-understanding and self-knowledge will create momentum and accountability.


Professional Development & Business Culture

A thriving business starts with a thriving leader.

My educational workshops and one-on-one coaching build creative leaders and strong cultures through the power of story and organization, resulting in improved time management, team dynamics and personal development.

Be ready for a whole-brain approach to bloom your unique skills associated with your story to keep you motivated and your business thriving. This collaborative training clarifies team expectations and sharpens understanding of your values and vision resulting in team confidence and cohesiveness.

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Building an Authentic Work Culture 

Are you ready to clarify and define your work culture from the inside out? Work culture is markedly evolving, reliant on team dynamics and a catalyst for transformational achievement. This collaborative training clarifies team expectations and sharpens understanding of your values and vision resulting in increased sales, team confidence and reduced employee turnover.

Reclaiming Your Time 

Everyone has a busy life and needs help juggling commitments! Research shows that we perform less because of multi-tasking and distraction. This workshop walks you through the Soft Focus Quadrant process for time management and priorities to increase productivity, associate driving values behind task lists and maintain motivation resulting in reclaiming your time, better project management, and enriched customer experiences.

 Launch Your Story 

Explore the power of personal narrative and ways to tell your story through writing exercises, improvisation, and performance exercises. This workshop builds your team’s ability to pitch the stories they need to launch a project or corporate presentation or an individual to share a story at a dinner party, write a book or enter a storytelling competition.

How to Present in a Meeting 

The number one fear of professionals across all industries is public speaking— but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re leading a weekly staff meeting or presenting at a conference, learn how to get your message across clearly and concisely.  You’ll gain experience firsthand through mock presentations, welcome valuable feedback from your peers and learn the tips and tricks that matter most from body language to vocal quality.

Strengthen Your Relationship Economy

Delve into Customer Service and the impact it has on your relationship with your customers. Brush up on the small matters that strengthen your image and your relationship with your customers.

Culture and Leadership 

Learn to clarify and communicate your business values and vision with your team while delving into the culture and leadership routines that will grow your business. This workshop helps everyone get on the same page for understanding your leadership strengths and how best to sustain a healthy culture.

Coach for Growth

Coaching is not always easy, but when done well and consistently, it can make room for behavior changes that grow individuals, and in turn, grow businesses. In this class, you’ll learn to use the Qnity coaching process and visual whole-brained tools to give you the edge you need as a coach and mentor. Encourage the behavior changes necessary for growth, and lead your team from knowing what’s right to doing it.

Creative Self-Discovery

Creative thinking is the most important life and business skill today. Let’s dig into your Creative-tude and discover your creative paths to problem solving, natural talents and boost your confidence to use them!



Your story is your power. This 1-on-1 program will leave you feeling more confident, empowered, motivated, and inspired in all aspects of your life. Finding your story is a process to understanding and unleashing your strengths, talents, skill, and knowledge and blooming into your best self.