Kara Kemp’s Adult Summer Camp

Reset. Re-story. Relax.

Adult Summer Camp is crafted to provide a rejuvenating experience of nature, community and play in the spirit of summer camp style.  Tucked away in the serene Victorian village of Historic Rugby, Tennessee, the Big South Fork National Park is an ideal setting for people to unplug, relax and get back to the fun of life!  Activities will include creative approaches to refocus such as yoga, creative writing, and motivational journaling balanced with outdoors fun such as hikes, swimming at the swimming hole, road bowling, creative crafts, picnics and maybe even an old school talent show if enough participants are willing.

“The beauty of nature is often the wisest balm for it gently relieves and releases the caged mind.” 

-John O’Donohue

Registration opens March 17, 2024.


What we are about…..

We believe that great joy can be found in nature and each other. Kara Kemp’s Adult Summer Camp is inspired by three values.

Reset. Believe in the power of a time out!
We invite each other to eat together (safely distanced of course), go for a hike, dive into an activity, sip a cocktail on a porch.…you get it. Accept or decline, it’s up to you.

Re-story.  Try something outside of your comfort zone.
Some folks conquer a fear of heights on a hiking trail and others build their confidence in rewriting their story. For some people, spending an hour relaxing in a hammock can be a challenge. Whatever your adventure, you’ll find it at this summer camp!

Relax. Be your radiant self.
Want to wear a cape the entire time? Cool. Ready to skip everywhere you go? We’re down. Want to show off your kick-ass listening skills with some new friends? Listen away. Relax and let your best self shine through…others will be inspired to do the same!

We believe in the FUNdamentals of living and we’re here to provide a place to disconnect from the daily grind and create a new story to live by. We are an inclusive community and we think you’re fantastic just the way you are…..so come as you are! Bring an instrument, bring your journal, an open mind and whatever else makes you feel like you.



RESPECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS. Adults of all genders, colors, ages, sexualities, backgrounds and experiences are welcome. We’re looking forward to you joining us in creating a caring and fun community. We also want you to take good care of and R-E-S-P-E-C-T yourself. If you want to step away and go for a quiet walk in the woods or take a nap by the pond, please do.

SILENCE YOUR PHONE. Better yet, leave it off! We want camp to be a place that exists in the moment rather than through a screen.

SKIP THE SMALL TALK. Instead, make Large Talk. We believe life is too short for small talk. Instead of asking questions like “what do you do?” we encourage campers to ask questions like “what’s something that has brought you joy lately?” We’ll have starter Large Talk questions around camp.


Activities, lodging, one daily group meal and cocktail hour.


All of the cottages have indoor bathrooms and showers, beds, mattresses and kitchens. We utilize Historic Rugby’s lodging in Newbury House, Ivy Cottage, Percy Cottage and Pioneer Cottage for summer camp.  Most rooms offer two people per room with separate beds, which is why we offer a Better Together Pass.

When you register, you’ll indicate whether you would like a Single Fun pass, Better Together pass and/or whether you are attending as part of a group. We will assign lodging, doing everything we can to place groups together.


Your camp pass provides cocktail hour in the evening and one group meal per day and treats.  Think of your favorite camp food, upgraded for your adult palate- healthy and delicious comfort food.  If you have specific dietary restrictions, please note those in your registration. Historic Rugby lodging offers a kitchen and refrigerator to bring your own snacks as well as R.M. Brooks General Store for breakfast and lunch options, Grey Gables dinner can be ordered in advance and hopefully the Harrow Road Cafe will be back in action by this summer.


June 20-23, 2024 SUMMER CAMP PASSES:

  • Single Full Fun Pass  $425   Enjoy your single room lodging in one of Historic Rugby’s original buildings, all activities and a daily group meal and cocktail hour.
  • Better Together Pass $625  Bring a buddy and share a room (and cost!) in one of Historic Rugby’s original buildings for all inclusive activities, a daily group meal and cocktail hour.
  • Activities Only Pass $175 Already have lodging somewhere in the village or nearby but want to participate in all the fun? This pass includes all the activities and daily group meal, cocktail hour and you take care of where you plant your head at night.


  1. Contact KJ Kemp through this website and let her to know to expect you.  You will receive your official invitation to Summer Camp and registration with details on activities and times via email.
  2. If you wish to secure outside lodging with whomever you feel comfortable sharing lodging, accommodations are available on a first come basis at any of these other Rugby establishments:  Grey Gables Bed and Breakfast,  AirBnB Alexander-Perrigo, R.M. Brooks Campsite or nearby in Jamestown, TN.
  3. A 50% deposit will be due at your time of registration with the balance due within the week prior to Summer Camp. You may make that deposit through Paypal or Venmo.

“How many stars can I give KJ Kemp’s Adult Summer Camp? Five is not enough. How about all of them? All the stars.

Attending this camp was an enormous leap out of my comfort zone. While I am very comfortable speaking and interacting with large-ish groups of people, I’m not used to being encouraged to authentically express my true self to other people. However, there was something about this opportunity that felt safe. Welcoming. Uplifting, without falling into a toxic positivity vibe. I am so glad I said yes.

The town of Rugby is a magical place. It felt like I was able to fully exhale for the first time in many months. The glorious scenery and the slow pace of the town were both soothing and energizing.

The camp activities combined pure, silly fun and honest, raw, self-reflection. A perfect balance of both. The hardest thing for me to describe is the unique group of people that gathered there. All walks of life, vastly different histories and current circumstances, yet we meshed. All together for the sole purpose of learning and laughing. I’ve never been a part of anything like it, I can’t wait to do it again.”

-Sherri Marshall, Adult Summer Camp attendee